Shine On Studio has been working with independent artists for over 13 years. We strive to make your music and creative ideas come to life as we work closely with each client to make sure that each step of the production is done with the highest satisfaction. Our engineers are musicians, so we know how to relate to your ideas and inspirations. The studio has a very relaxed atmosphere and we're constantly working to make it more inspiring with each project we produce. Each session has a unique experience and the creative thoughts never seem to end.

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Recording is by far the most important part of making music. Capturing the soul and emotion of a musical performance is not just as simple as putting a mic in front of an instrument or amp. Proper mic placement and input signal are the main ingredients for a good foundation to a solid mix.  At Shine On Studio, we will professionally record your music with sonic clarity and dynamic detail. When it comes time to mix, we'll spend time enhancing your music and not fixing problems with the original recording. When your base tracks already sound great, mixing is quite enjoyable and can inspire new ideas to mold and shape the music. Our team of specialized engineers will help you achieve the quality of sound you're seeking.

AVID Euphonix 2 console

Pro Tools HD

An industry standard for good reason, Pro Tools HD offers pristine audio that can easily be mixed for a professional sound. Recording is the most important part of audio production and our A/D & D/A converters provide amazing clarity and detail. Vocals and instruments sound amazing and professional right from the start.

To enhance your mix, we encourage clients to sit at the console with our engineers to get a hands-on feel for your music with our automated Euphonix console.

Analog Summing

Analog Summing

Recordings from 40 years ago sound great because they were entirely recorded with analog equipment. The world of digital audio workstations has changed how audio is produced, but lacks the rich sound of analog tape & consoles. Analog summing allows us to bring back the character and sound that analog processing can provide. Recordings are warm and full with analog summing and this is just a part of the analog compliment we can add to your mix.

dbx custom compressors

Vintage Gear

Adding analog processing into the signal chain can provide warmth and saturation to all genres of music. Our selection of out-board gear has been carefully selected and modified to offer our clients a unique sound to recording and mixing production.

Proper EQ & compression can really make a mix stand out and capture the attention of a listener. We want your music to be heard and loved by the world, so we take the time to check levels and use our ears to dial in the right amount of processing to achieve that magical mix.

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